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Meet our Tribe

Learn more about our Unapologetic Tribe

We're here to introduce and connect you to like-minded women that can not only change your career but inspire you on a professional and personal level. Below are our guest speakers we've had in previous events as well as some that will be in our upcoming women's networking events.

If you wish to become an Unapologetic Tribe member and speak at one of our events, sign up here​. Alternatively, you can contact us here.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Kristine Brown
Founder of SOH Melbourne 

SOH Melbourne is a Melbourne based fragrance house founded by husband & wife team, Nathan & Kristine Brown.

As a business owner and mother of four children, Kristine has a lot to juggle but has mastered the art of successfully managing a household and kids whilst still being able to focus on the daily details of a business.


Nicole Wain
Financial Controller
at Australian Securities Limited


Nicole has over 23 years experience in the financial services industry, including HFC Bank, Ernst & Young and a global leader in the private equity secondaries space


Nicole's core skill is managing and motivating a team and has extensive experience of implementing structures to ensure robust governance.

Lyndall Campher_In Article.jpeg

Lyndall Campher
Media Director, L'Oreal Australia
and New Zealand

Lyndall has spent over 30+years in media. She has worked in a large range of commercial sectors, before finding her niche and passion in the beauty industry.

A highlight of Lyndall's career is being appointed to the Board of the South African Broadcasting Corporation in 1996 by Nelson Mandela. As well as running the media campaign for the A.N.C. (African National Congress) for the first democratic elections in South Africa working again with Nelson Mandela.


Cass Quinn
Small Business Owner

Cass is not only the owner of Endota Kew, Camberwell and Eltham, she is also a Mental Health First Aid Instructor/Facilitator, provides Wellbeing & Mental Health training for individuals, community groups and corporate organisations, a MBSM Meditation Teacher and a Vedic and Buddhist meditation practitioner. 


Claire Lauber 
State General Manager at Coles


Claire is a highly professional executive, with a energetic, determined nature and outstanding leadership skills. Her influence and coaching results in high-achieving and customer focused teams.


Claire is a results orientated leader, who is passionate about identifying potential opportunities to grow the business.


Lane Wiederstein
The Low Carb Nutritionist

 As a qualified Nutritionist, Lane combines her passion for creating fresh, fast and fabulous recipes with educating women how they can nourish their body to look and feel their best.

As the Low Carb Nutritionist, Lane runs a weightloss program as well as works with clients as a Nutrition coach. 


Elena Domazet
Life Coach + Hypnotherapist
+ NLP Practitioner

Elena is a qualified Hypnotherapist, Life Coach and NLP Practitioner, specialising in helping individuals who suffer from anxiety and depression to gain confidence and live a life they truly want and desire.

Her passion is to help people expand their mind to seek possibilities they never thought possible through my detailed and tailored programs.


Marie Tarola
Owner of MMTeaHelps

Marie started MMTeaHelps in 2019, working with traditional home remedies to create a healing tea that would nurture and boost
immunity throughout the cold and flu season.


The Daily Root Vitality shots gets it name from the power of the roots used such as fresh Turmeric and Ginger root. All ingredients are hand prepared and cut before being brewed into a bespoke specialty method
that retains all its healing powers and benefits.


Caroline Ling
Director RAP Finance.

Carolines passion to provide personalised financial loan advice and meet the needs of individuals in home, business and investment requirements led to the creation of RAP Finance.

Carolines extensive experience enables swift identification of specific financial needs to deliver individualised, specialised product advice.


Prue Mynard
Founder & Author of What's Prue Cooking

Founder and Author of What's Prue Cooking: Wholesome Family Meals Cookbook and Sensational Summer Salads E-Book.


A Dietitian by profession, a mother, wife, lover of all things food and wine, and an avid runner outside of that. 

Prue strongly believes in a positive, healthy relationship with all foods. There are no good foods or bad foods; all foods have a place in a balanced diet. 


Sarah Makris
Career Success Coach

Sarah's passion is to inspire people to make a positive change in their lives and enjoy's working with clients to set and achieve goals, whether that’s growing their business or side hustle or chasing that dream job.

Sarah proudly coaches senior executives and C-suites who are ready to take the next steps in their careers. 


Kelly Ryan
Actor + Events & Marketing Specialist

Kelly is first and foremost a creative. She's an actor, producer and writer who has worked in screen and stage for over 10 years. Her career has taken her around the world, from her home in Melbourne all the way to New York and many places in between.


When she finds time in between her creative ventures, Kelly also works in events & marketing for a variety of brands. Kelly believes in connecting brands and community to drive growth and improve the experience for all.

Untitled design (52).jpg

Tania Brocker
Founder of DrinksPlinks

Tania is an experienced entrepreneur with a background in media buying, advertising and marketing. She designs, manufactures and brings products to market. 


Tania re-imaged the humble ice cube and founded DrinksPlinks in 2020 while Melbourne was in lockdown. DrinksPlinks are big, bold ice shapes and letters that add style, personality and a ton of fun to drinks at home. 

Screen Shot 2020-11-23 at 2.25.10 pm.png

Lucy Mollison
Founder of Unapologetic

My love for meeting new people and building connections has provided me with some of the most incredible opportunities to consult for some of the most amazing brands. 

I founded Unapologetic to support, lift and laugh others other through women's networking events for professional  women and those looking for personal growth.

We're here to introduce and connect you to like-minded women that can not only change your career but inspire you on a professional and personal level.​


Amelia Donnelly
Co-founder of Ocean of Being

Amelia is passionate about education, mental health and wellbeing. She wrote the Year 3 and 5 mindfulness curriculum for the Resilience Project's School Project and has dedicated years to personal development.


She is a certified 1 Giant Mind meditation teacher, trained in the MBSR by Dr Craig Hassed and in 2018, published her first picture story book called, 'The Golden Thread'. Amelia collaborated with publisher, Lake Press, in 2020 to design and create a wellbeing range for children called Zen Zoo for Kmart.


Now living on the Mid North Coast in NSW, she frequents to and from her home-town in Melbourne teaching meditation and writing. 

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