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Our relaunch - Hola! to our first event



Personally, it took me a while to realise none of us have all the answers, none of us know it all and certainly none of us are perfect. I have learnt it’s important to unapologetically ask for advice and or help and it’s so important to surround yourself with a tribe who just get it, who help support and cheer you on.


We are here to support, lift and laugh with you. A space with no apologies, no judgement and no intimidation. Be introduced to a tribe of amazing women and an opportunity to build relationships that could not only change your career but inspire you on a professional and personal level.


Hola! Our first event as you might have guessed is at La Cabra Hawthorn. It looks like a seemingly small Modern Mexican food restaurant, symbolised by an illuminating Goat. However, once you step inside you will be introduced to a world of opportunity where Mexican flavours and techniques combine like never before. Upon arrival you will discover the courtyard of possibility where the sounds and smells of Mexican streets will grace your senses, with food and drinks all part of the package from 1 till 5 alongside some truly inspiring and amazing speakers.


Introducing, Claire Lauber who is Coles State General Manager for Victoria and Tasmania responsible for the operation of more than 230 Coles supermarkets in two states and leads over 25,000 staff, she was formally Managing Director at Boost Juice. It goes without saying a highly professional executive with outstanding leadership skills, with infectious energy and determination I am sure we will learn a thing or two or in my case a load.


Cassie Quinn sole survivor of a fatal car accident, which her story will leave you breathless, her strengthen and resilience is just purely remarkable and her amazing unapologetic nature for her physical limitations has built her up to be one of the most incredible women I have been fortunate to come across oh and did I mention she also in her spare time owns three Endota spas.


You will leave with a bag of goodies , spot prizes and a few surprises. Outside of our event package we have opportunity to stay on to drink and be merry. I truly hope you are as excited as I am and can’t for you all to meet each other, and most importantly have fun.


XX unapologetically Lucy

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