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Twinkle, Twinkle Little star

We all know the nursery rhyme, it is times like this where we are stepping into another lockdown that I am sure we are all looking at the stars shining bright, reflecting on the last two lockdowns, and hoping we get through this one quicker than the last. And in this one aim to do more of what’s good for us.

Last year was a doozey for all of us, and for me it honestly, it is the gift that keeps on giving. My glass half full ideation is making me reflect on some of the biggest life decisions I have had to make, both professionally and personally. There are so many stars not only in the sky but in my life that keep shining bright, and who are helping me reflect, learn and grow. Something overtime I have learnt is really important.

When I looked up the true meaning of twinkle, twinkle I have since learnt that it has a deeper meaning to it than just a song about making a wish. The part about "Up above the world so high" highlights a sign of power and opportunity. I really relate to this now, through one of the toughest times I officially launched ununapologetic a passion project of mine that I cannot wait to make bigger and better in 2021. I threw myself into a new job as sales director at The Content Works, providing me such an amazing opportunity to learn and spread my wings with some of the most talented women I have ever worked with. Not only are we all learning together, but we are also laughing and truly supporting each other along the journey. I am so proud.

As most would know, I love nothing more than connecting likeminded people, to watch others around me thrive, and that’s what both my jobs provide me with. They truly fill my bucket and make me want to be an even better person both personally but professionally, and that is something that truly makes me so grateful. From all of the hard knocks the end of last year gave me, what they have actually done is open me up to more and more opportunities and without them I wouldn’t be where I am today.

At the unapologetic launch event we listened to two amazing speakers, Claire Lauber and Cassie Quinn both of them, unapologetically own their journeys. Both of whom have had huge journeys to date with so many highs and lows. And like me through our lows we turn to our inner strength and our friends to help us dust ourselves off, and through these people and their guidance we realise and uncover the next opportunity awaiting us. From friendships and clever people guiding me I am learning there is so many opportunities out there you just have to be open to pursuing them. From the event in December, I honestly felt a new lease on life, there was so many amazing strong and unapologetic women, connecting and sharing their stories. I am so proud to be a part of something local, proud of the connections that were made and this platform to connect other amazing likeminded people.

2021 truly is the year of change for me and I am sure many others. It is scary, but at the same time, I am sure you cannot wait to face some of your biggest challenges and what I believe will be some of our biggest achievements.

With that in mind our next event planned and booked for March 13th,at Franco-Belge gives you the opportunity to unapologetically get yourself ahead of the crowd. To face some of your fears or simply to challenge yourself. Four amazing stars who have been shining bright for me and that have and help me in many different areas of my life are graciously speaking:

Caroline Ling, director at RAP finance, to help empower you with your finances.

Sarah Markis, career such coach helping senior executives fast-track their career.

Elena Domazet, life coach, hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner and Lane Wiederstein nutritionist and weight loss coach at low carb girl. Without these stars I wouldn’t be able to shine as bright as I am now.


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