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Mirror mirror who’s the fairest one of all..

We all know the nursey rhyme and the movie. Well, I hope you do and if you haven’t make sure you go and watch it. To me there is so much to breakdown from this very clever story. But the one thing I take, and I suppose that rings true to me, is relating this to the corporate ladder.

Let look back the magic mirror is owned by the Evil Queen is approached every morning, and she asks every day for approval through "Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all”? As always, she gets the answer, she requires that she in fact is the fairest of them all. But as we know things change, new people come in and out of our lives and Snow White is the new kid on the block that drives the evil queen crazy, enlisting the huntsman remove her from the Queens equation. But what do you know, Snow Whites true inner beauty saves her – yes don’t get me wrong she is beautiful reminder this is a kid’s nursey rhyme, but you see where I am going with this? Its her true inner beauty that saves her.

I am going to admit as I sit writing this before my children wake up, I have done a whole two second research to see where this story originated from. There was a real-life influence that I can see. There is a "Talking Mirror" at the Spessart Museum in Lohr am Main. "Snow White" is influenced by Maria Sophia Margaretha Catherina von und zu Erthal, who was born in Lohr am Main in 1725.[1] After the death of Maria Sophia's birth mother in 1738, her father remarries and what do you know she was seen as a domineering women who and greatly favoured the children from her first marriage.[3] The Queen's iconic mirror, referred to as "The Talking Mirror," can still be viewed today at Spessart Museum in the Lohr Castle, where Maria Sophia was born. The mirror "talked" predominantly in aphorisms. The upper right corner of "The Talking Mirror" contains a clear reference to self-love and had the reputation of "always speaking the truth". And I have since learnt they have become a favourite gift at European crown and aristocratic courts.[4]

Right if I still have you, I am getting to my point. My own reflection (ha see what I did there) is we unfortunately all do this or have done this. We suss out our competition and we either rise above and see how we can work together, how we can complement, or we try and remove them from what we see they might take away from us. Our shine so to speak. Women let’s be honest are amazing complicated creatures and I am still learning more and more about myself as I grow into myself. I accept back in the corporate days when I was a lot younger, I was always ready to judge or be jealous of others achievement. A clever idea I would kick myself that I hadn’t thought of it first. But now I am so amazed by the women I meet; I have two absolutely mind-blowing phenomenal women who are speaking at my launch. Hearing their stories and when we share a laugh, and a drink around other amazing women I am so excited that when I look in the mirror, I don’t care who the fairest is. I am just excited and honoured to come across amazing women that are thinking of kick ass ideas and who could probably outsmart me at any moment but hey. I have thought of this kick ass idea and I can’t wait to take you on my unapologetic journey. If your keen ticket information is below, and if you can’t make this one there is one in planning mode for February and March event is going to be a killer to as you guested it celebrate international women’s day.

XX unapologetically Luc


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